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Welcome to SHACS

The Sam Houston Association of Computer Scientists provides a learning environment through speakers and special projects that unite students, professors, and industry professionals. These relationships help to promote the sharing of knowledge and skills related to computer science.

Many changes will be taking place over the next couple of weeks. please send any mistakes, errors and/or comments to [email protected]. Thank you!


PS - We like to have fun ... look at the announcements and or schedule to see what events are coming up.


Introduction to Robotics- Wed, Oct. 29
The basic electronics and robotics workshop begins at 5 PM in LDB 401.

Pumpkins & Powertools - Fri, Oct 31
We are having P&P starting at 6 PM at Mrs. Bennett's. Don't forget your powertools and a pumpkin. Learn more here.

SHACS Shirts -
The new SHACS shirts have been ordered and should arrive around mid November. See an example of the new shirts here.

Poster Contest - Deadline Fri, Oct. 31
The CS Department needs a new poster to advertise its great program. Top 3 winner can win prizes. Learn more here.

LAN Party- Sat. Nov. 22nd
Come out and play computer games against your friends. All gamers welcome. Learn more here.


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