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Poster Contest Information

The department of computer science is initiating a competition to develop new and appealing graduate program advertizing. The competition is open to students from the department of computer science and the department of art. Prizes will be awarded for the three best entries.

1st Prize

Memory Stick/MP3 player 

2nd prize

 64Mb Memory stick

3rd Prize

 $25 Gift Certificate to Chili’s

Competition rules:

  1. Entries will consist of a single sheet letter sized poster advertizing the graduate program in the department of computer science.
  2. The poster will contain the wording provided as part of the entry packet. Entrants may change the wording in order to improve the visual impact of the poster so long as the substantive meaning is not changed.
  3. Entries are to be submitted as letter-sized full color prints and as digital files in Photoshop format together with all supporting image files. Image quality should be such that the poster could be increased in size by a factor of 4 without loss of clarity.
  4. Entrants may use only copyright free images or images they have generated themselves
  5. Sam Houston State University and the department of Computer Science reserves the right to future use and modification of all entries.
  6. Entries are to be submitted to:
    Dr. Peter Cooper
    Chair, Computer Science
    LDB 420C
  7. The deadline for submission is November 27, 2003.
  8. Entries will be displayed in the foyer of the Lee Drain Building immediately following the close of entries.
  9. Entries will be judged by an independent panel and by a poll of of student visitors. Winner notification will take place on or before November 5th.

Supplemental text: CS_Dept_Advert.doc



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