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Secondary Education Conference

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2004 Secondary Education Conference - January 9th - 8am - Lee Drain Building, Sam Houston State University

The Secondary Ed. Conference is a fun and educational day long event sponsored by SHACS. The conference is designed for junior high and high school level students as well as teachers. Lectures very in degree from basic education of the parts of a computer and how to surf the web, to lectures on artificial intelligence and advanced computer languages. The conference provides an opportunity for students and teachers to become better familiar with today’s leading technology as well as honing the presenter’s skills needed to be technology professionals.

Secondary Education Conference 2004 Schedule
Times Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
08:00:00 am Short Videos --- Network Gaming
09:00:00 am Browsing the Web Dreamweaver Network Gaming
10:00:00 am Robotics Gaming and AI Network Gaming
11:00:00 am Lunch Lunch Network Gaming
12:00:00 pm Prize Drawings Prize Drawings Prize Drawings
12:30:00 pm Building PC's Programming w/ Robocode Network Gaming
01:30:00 pm Wi-Fi Robocode Tournament Network Gaming
02:30:00 pm -- Done -- -- Done -- -- Done --

If you haven't received information regarding the conference, please take a look at this Short Brochure or the Longer Brochure.
If you have any questions, or would like to suggest a topic to be covered, please send an email to

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