Pumpkins and Powertools


Pumpkins and Powertools is an annual event in which all attendees can use their powertools to savagely entertain their artistic abilities on pumpkins. Everyone is encouraged to attend and bring a pumpkin, and a beastly powertool (or 2 ...3 ... as many as you want). This event is also designed to allow student to release their frustrations ... don't miss this great opportunity!

  • Bring your own pumpkins and powertools.
  • Power will be provided along with refreshments. Bring food too!

If you need a ride, a group of us will meet in the faculty parking lot in front of LDB at 6 PM on Oct. 31. For those of you that need ride, meet us there and we will take you with us. This is also good for those of you who would rather follow someone out there. Mrs. Bennett's place is about 25 minutes away from the school.

You are welcome to bring additional food items such as sodas, chips, etc.

Pictures from the past

Pumpkins & Powertools 2001

Pumpkins & Powertools 2002


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