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SHACS Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 5 -- 2pm Meeting

We got quite a bit accomplished at this meeting. Representatives from the committees got together and set deadlines for committee projects. We'll try to summarize these below to keep you informed of what we've got planned:

Gaming Committee:
We will be having a LAN Game at the SHSU campus during the break between Summer II and the Fall semester. Proposed games include Quake 3, Starcraft, Tribes, Soldier of Fortune, and others. The exact game date will be determined after getting approval from Computer Services. The plans and advertisements for the game will be ready by the first meeting in August (Aug 2) for approval by SHACS. At that meeting we will need volunteers to help get the advertisements out to the public and get people interested in the game.
Steven Frey has offered his house for a volleyball game on July 23 (Sunday). It will be going on all day and we'll serve barbecue and refreshments. For those interested in the barbecue, we can take a vote at the next meeting on whether to use SHACS money or have people contribute individually for the food.

Tutorials Committee:
Steven Frey has gracefully volunteered to put together the layout for the Tutorials page for the website. From this page, we will link to online tutorials created by members and faculty (and anyone else who wants to donate to the cause). Online tutorials should be sent to Steven Frey (ucs_saf) or Wendy Gilbert (ucs_wmg) before August 30 (Fall semester). Steve will have the page layout completed by July 19, and we will start putting the tutorials on the site at that time. Dr. Burris has volunteered the info for his Servlet and Encryption seminars and Dr. McGuire has volunteered anything we can steal off of his website. At the last meeting several students volunteered tutorials as well. Any type of tutorial related to Computer Science is welcome.

Programming Contest Committee: The Fall programming contest will be held in September (date yet to be determined). The Programming Contest Committee will have programming contest guidelines and advertisements ready to go for the first Fall SHACS meeting. At that time we can fine-tune the contest and try to work the kinks out of the rules and regulations for competing.

Speakers Committee:
We have been lucky enough to get Thane Hubbell and Bob Wolfe to come speak with us in the Fall. Mr. Hubbell is the author of two books on the Cobol language and Mr. Wolfe is one of the heads of Flexus, a corporation that produces and markets a GUI interface for the Cobol language. We have set a tentative date for them on Sept. 20. We will keep ya'll updated when we finalize the date.

T-shirt Committee:
No designs have been proposed as of yet. If anyone has an idea on a new design for the SHACS shirt, please send it to a T-shirt committee member. The members of the committees can be found on the SHACS website.