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What are the benefits in joining SHACS?
  • Learning and growing proffessionally. You will get chances to learn leadership and help the organization, the school, and people at large.
  • We invite speakers from all sorts of fields to speak to us about their field, computers in the field, and various other topics.
  • SHACS is the first place where professors announce scholarships, class changes and job postings.
  • We focus on establishing relationships with the faculty and the alumni. Don't under estimate the value of getting to know your proffessors, it will change the way you learn and you will enjoy your time here at Sam.
  • We are required to have fun in this organization so its real rough getting involved :).
  • Unfortunately, there are too many benefits to cover in a short list. Feel free to visit the rest of the site to see more of what we do.


Ok, I'm ready to join SHACS?
  • There is a yearly membership fee of $25 due at the beginning of your membership. You will receive a SHACS Shirt later in the year when we receive them.
  • Come to our next meeting or event, and join us in the fun!
  • You can also contact any of the SHACS officers.
  • We prefer that members join ACM also, but this is not required.



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