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Enron Employment Opportunities

I am currently working for Enron Capital & Trade in downtown Houston. I was asked if I know anyone who may be interested in a job, and I thought of SHSU CS Dept. and SHACS. I am currently working on a team of two - my supervisor & myself. We are looking to expand by a few people. Since I am helping in the search process, I have an idea of what we are looking for. We are interested in people who have some of the following things:

People who know:

  • Java (main focus, because a lot of our development is done in this language)
  • Visual Basic (VB) or Visual Basic for Application (VBA)
  • All MSOffice Applications (especially Excel)
  • C/C++ is a plus.
  • Perl is a plus & slightly impressive.
  • Unix and NT Operating System. (The platforms we develop on)
  • Can show adequate knowledge and experience in the above languages, whether in school projects and/or work related projects.
  • Must be a people-person, because we deal with stock traders and commodity brokers in person and on the phone all day.

Work consists of 50% development and 50% support. It is a nice mix of monotony versus other things.

As most of you know, Rennu Varghese and I both work at Enron. We both love it. I couldn't have found a better job right off. I went to numerous interviews, but Enron found me. It has great benefits, and great environment to work in. I love it here. So if any students are interested have them email resumes to me at or . I am interested to see some of our SHACS member's resumes, as well as other Computer Science Students Resumes.

For more information contact:
Brad Merrell
Information Technology Enron Capital and Trade
Houston, Texas