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Computer Science Alumni

Gregory Allen Tillett

Current Employer: Cisco Systems, Inc.
Title: Systems Engineer
Graduation Date: 1995
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

18581 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75287
Business Phone: 972.813.5027
Fax: 413.556.6735

Greg is a Systems Engineer with Cisco Systems, Inc. According to Greg, Cisco is the World Leader, by far, in Internetworking for the Internet. He is a Pre-Sales Engineer which means that he helps design all types of Corporate Networks and helps them with their Connectivity to the Internet. He has helped design very small networks to 120,000+ user networks. Pre-IPO DOT COM companies are his current focus. Greg's responsibilities include detailed Design of Corporate Networks, Presentations to persons such as, technical staff to CIO/CEO Levels, Training the technical staff on different products or technologies, and he also engages in some post sales activities (Hands on), but that is a very small part of his job.

Greg's main charter is to help customers see the value in purchasing products from Cisco and show them how their Network can be a Revenue Stream and not a Cost Center. His region is responsible for a Quota of $50 Million in Revenue this fiscal year. They are one of 8 regions in the DFW area. The DFW area is responsible for approximately $400 Million this Fiscal Year.

Greg says the DFW Technology market is BOOMING! There are hundreds of jobs for Networking professionals in the DFW area. He also says that the unemployment rate for Networking Professionals, in general, is -3%. That is Negative 3%. They can't find enough qualified people to fill the positions that his industry has openings for. The average starting salary tends to be anywhere from $35K - 45K.

Greg is a CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert). CCIEs typically start at $95K+. It is not uncommon for some to make upwards of $150K per year. There are roughly 4200 CCIEs worldwide. Compare that to 25,000+ MCSE and 100,000+ CNEs. Stock is also a Major Bonus in this industry. You can double your salary each year in Stock Grants. This is the "Golden Handcuffs" of this industry. It typically takes 4 years to VEST in your stock, so you have to stay around for 4 years, all the while, they give you more stock, each year, which requires another 4 years to vest. So, you are continually Vesting in your stock, which makes you want to stay around and see your company succeed. If your company wins, you win.