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ERGOS Technology Partners, Inc. Employment Opportunities

Michael Wright, an SHSU alumni, is looking for some people who know Visual Basic scripting and are able to work in Houston during the day. He has interview slots open now but the positions will not last through next week. Time is of the essence so if you are interested, contact him NOW!

The perfect person for this job knows Visual Basic scripting as well as Win batch applications, is in North West Houston (290 and 610 area), and is available to work a regular work week (student in night classes?).

Phone 713.621.9220
Toll Free 877.99ERGOS or 877.993.7467
Fax 713.626.8179
Toll Free Fax 888.877.3346

ERGOS Technology Partners, Inc.
Global Headquarters
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Technology Professionals

Posted -- 3/01/2000