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Chevron Employment Opportunities

Larry Jones graduated from SHSU in 1981 and is currently working for Chevron in Houston. He is actively recruiting a recent graduate, or soon to be graduate, for a position that has come available in their New Orleans office.

If you're interested in a programming job in New Orleans, send a resume and transcripts (unofficial is ok). They like the resumes to be electronic (Word for example) and a scanned image of your transcript will suffice for now.

Below is some information that may help students decide if they are interested or not:

Desired General Skills:
* Good communication skills (verbal and written)
* Teamwork (able to work well with others for planning and execution of tasks).
* Well organized (maintains good records, and organizes these so others can understand what has been done and locate critical elements).
* Fast learner (can quickly adapt to changing requirements, changing technology, changing tools, new and different assignments, etc.)

* Desired Technical Skills:
* Application programmer (3-tier architecture, thin client, Web based applications are increasingly important... prefer experience/knowledge of Oracle and/or Microsoft tools).
* Process analysis (able to review business processes with clients and suggest possible improvements which may or may not include an IT component).

Description of Business Supported:
This organization supports applications for Chevron's Upstream business units... both domestic and international. (Upstream oil business includes the exploration and production of oil and gas, along with a variety of associated business processes.) They develop and support proprietary applications, deploy and customize vendor applications, and integrate applications with other systems used by their internal clients. Systems include: data repositories for various technical and/or financial data, some data analysis and display capabilities.

Description of typical work assignment for a new hire:
Will work with a small group of people responsible for a related sub-set of organization's applications. Initial assignments will include learning and supporting deployed applications and progress into performance of increasingly significant enhancements to these and development and/or integration of new applications.

Description of learning opportunities:
The organization works with relational databases and a limited (but changing) set of application development tools. They expect an increase in 3-Tier, thin client and Web based application development and some data warehousing work. Learning opportunities in these areas will be augmented by opportunities to learn various facets of the oil business (i.e. those parts of the business supported by applications they provide and/or integrate).

Larry Jones
Lead Systems Analyst
Chevron Information Technology Co.
2811 Hayes Rd. #3128
Houston, TX 77082-6696
(281) 596-3193

Posted -- 3/01/2000