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Computer Science Alumni

Mark Coats

Current Employer: Motorola
Title: Software Engineer/Software Task Leader
Graduation Date: Unknown
Degree: Master of Science in Computer Science

Mark is currently responsible for leading 4 software projects with SEI levels ranging from 3 to 4. This involves providing technical leadership in software engineering as well as management responsibilities.

Some typical activities include:
General SW Project Planning
Determining SW Development Cost estimates
SW quality metrics
Requirements Gathering and analysis
Analysis using Scenarios
Design using UML
Code using C++, Java, and Perl
Embedded code using VxWorks/C++/Java
Test Plans
Development Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Qualification Testing
General Management of Software Engineers

Mark is also teaching distributed Java and CORBA programming at Arizona State University and various classes at Motorola.

Platforms: PC's, Sun Workstations, some HP workstations, many embedded environments Languages: C++, Java, Ada, Perl
Design Methods: Mostly UML, some SDL but not much. Almost all is OO.

According to Mark, general starting salaries at Motorola range form 45,000 to 60,000 depending on degree and GPA. A well respected software engineer can make a salary in the 70's within 4 to 6 years after start.