SHACS' Bylaws

Constitution of Sam Houston State University Student Chapter
of the
Association for Computing Machinery

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  1. This organization shall be called the Sam Houston State University Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Sam Houston State University hereafter referred to as S.H.S.U.. The Association is also referred to as ACM.


  1. The chapter is organized and will be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes and, in furtherance thereof, specific; objectives are:
    A. To promote an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, language, and applications of modern computing machinery;
    B. To promote a greater interest in computing machinery and its applications; and
    C. To provide a means of communication between persons having interest in computing machinery.


  1. A full-time student at S.H.S.U. who is a member in good standing of the ACM may upon request and payment of dues become a voting member of this chapter.
  2. A member in good standing of the ACM who is not a full-time student at S.H.S.U., may upon request and payment of dues become a voting member of this chapter, provided that the number of such non-student voting members shall not exceed one-half of the entire voting membership of this chapter.
  3. A full or part-time student at S.H.S.U. who is not a member, in good standing of the ACM, may upon request and payment of dues become a non-voting affiliate member of this chapter. No such person may be a non-voting affiliate member for more than one year,
  4. A member of the S.H.S.U. community who is not a member in good standing of the ACM may upon request and payment of a fee that is a least equal to the voting member dues, receive the chapter meeting notices and attend non-business meetings of this chapter.


  1. The officers of this chapter shall be president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Each officer, must be a member, in good standing of the ACM, a voting member of this chapter, and a full-time student at S.H.S.U..
  2. The officers shall be elected at the annual election meeting. They shall take office immediately after the election meeting and serve until their successor takes office at the end of the next election meeting.
  3. Any member who has served in either of the offices of president or vice president in each of two consecutive years, may not hold either office in the immediately following year.
  4. Vacancies in any office other than president caused by resignation, removal or, disability shall be filled by majority vote of the Executive Council. If the office of president is so vacated, the vice president shall immediately assume that office, and the Executive Council shall then fill the vacant office of vice president.


  1. The president shall preside at all meetings of this chapter of its Executive Council. The president shall represent this chapter at all meetings with the ACM regional representative. The president shall also appoint all committees of this chapter and committee chairmen.
  2. The vice president shall assume the duties of the president in event of the president's absence. The vice president shall assume those duties of the president that are so delegated by the president.
  3. The secretary shall keep minutes of all chapter meetings and Executive Council meetings. The secretary shall prepare the annual chapter report for presentation to this chapter at the annual Election Meeting.
  4. The treasurer shall collect dues and maintain financial and membership records. The treasurer shall make the annual report of this chapter's finances required by the treasurer of ACM.


  1. The Executive Council shall consist of the chapter officers, the immediate past president, and the faculty sponsor.
  2. Except as otherwise provided in these bylaws, the Executive Council shall act for this chapter in all matters except election of officers at the annual election meeting and the amendment of these bylaws. Minutes of all Executive Council meetings shall be available for inspection by any member of this chapter and shall be filed with the chapter records.
  3. Meetings of the Executive Council shall be called by the president at his or her, discretion or upon request of any member of the Executive Council.


  1. Meetings shall be held as planned by the Executive Council.
    A. This chapter may hold meetings only in places that are open to all members of the Association for Computing Machinery.
  2. The annual election meeting shall be held during the Spring term of every year.
    A. Nominations may be made from the floor by any voting member.
    B. After the nominations are closed, the voting members present shall vote.
    C. A majority of the votes cost for any office is necessary for election to that office.
    D. The secretary shall present the annual chapter report.
  3. Written notices shall be posted at least one week prior to any meeting.
  4. There shall be at least six meetings each year.
  5. A quorum of this chapter for the conduct of business shall consist of ten voting members or a majority of the voting members of this chapter whichever is smaller.


  1. Disbursements from the treasury for chapter expenditures shall be made under authorization of the Executive Council and be included in the minutes of that meeting.
  2. Annual dues shall be established upon recommendation of the Executive Council and approved by a majority vote of the voting members present and voting at any chapter meeting, providing that the notice for the meeting included this as an item of business.


  1. Amendments to these bylaws shall be made in the following manner.
    A. The proposed amendment shall be read at a regularly announced chapter meeting.
    B. Three copies of the proposed amendment shall be sent to the executive director of the ACM requesting the approval of the chairman of the Student Chapters Committee and the chairman of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.
    C. After approval has been received from the designated ACM authority, the proposed amendment shall be distributed to the membership in writing with notice of a subsequent meeting at which the amendment will be considered.
    D. At the designated meeting the amendment shall be read again, discussed, and voted upon. Two-thirds of the voting members present and voting shall be required to adopt the amendment.
  2. The rules in Rober's Rules of Order Revised shall govern this chapter in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws.
  3. Rulings on any point of procedure not included in these bylaws shall be made by the president with approval of the faculty sponsor.


  1. In the event of revocation of the charter of dissolution of this chapter, all the assets of the chapter will be transferred to the Association for Computing Machinery.