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"The field of computer science offers challenge, fun, and the chance to contribute to innovations that  improve the quality of our lives. Traditionally, men have outnumbered women in computer science and engineering, but that trend has been changing. Increasingly, women are becoming successful computer scientists and engineers, reaping the career benefits, and telling their stories. Their successes are attracting more women to the field..." 

Women have played an important role in computer science for over a century. Ada Lovelace, who lived during the nineteenth century, is famous for her plan suggesting how Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine might calculate Bernoulli numbers - this has been noted as the first computer program. The purpose of this web page is to inspire women to begin a career in computer science, and to introduce several women who have succeeded in the field. 

- [Born before 20th Century] -

            Ada Lovelace - Computer Programmer, Analytical Engine
            Edith Clarke - Electrical Engineer, General Electrics (GE)

- [Born in 20th Century] -

             Fran Allen - Computer Scientist, IBM
             Sheela V. Belur - Computer Scientist, Computer Sciences Corp.
             Rebecca Boone - Founder, Women Online Worldwide (WOW)
             Anita Borg - Computer Scientist, Palo Alto Research Center
             Maria Bualat - Computer Engineer, Nasa

             Carol B. Davies - Research Specialist, Nasa
             Nancy Dorighi - Computer Engineer, Nasa
             Esther Dyson - Investor/Commentator
             Annie Easley - Computer Scientist, Nasa
             Janice Glasgow - Professor of CS, Queen's University

             Karen Gundy-Burlet - Computer Engineer, Nasa
             Katherine (Kay) Hammer - CEO, Evolutionary Technologies Inc.
             Lorraine Hariton - Senior VP, Network Computing Devices Inc.
             Erna Schneider Hoover - Inventor of Switching System
             Grace Murray Hopper - Computer Programmer, Navy

             Kim Hubbard - Computer Engineer, Nasa
             Eva Hudlicka - Computer Scientist, Nasa
             Janet Jarmann - Computer Systems Analyst, Nasa
             Janet Kolodner - Professor of CS, Georgia Institute of Tech
             Barbara Lin - Section Manager, Unisys Corporation

             Christine Munoz - Mac/PC Systems Administrator, Nasa
             Julie Payett e - Astronaut, Canadian Space Agency
             Lori Pratt - Professor of CS, Rutgers University
             Margaret E. Ryan - VP, Eastern Development Lab Computer
             Sandy Sully - Vice President, Xilinx, Inc.

             Eleanor Villarante - Software Engineer, Unisys Corp