Computer Science Alumni

Jon Byron Ray

Current Employer: Technology & Learning Center at Conroe Independent School District
Title: Web/Email Technician
Graduation Date: 1998
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Job responsibilities: Webmaster, coordinates 100+ webmasters throughout the district, administers Employee email server with 5000 users, administers Student Email server with 22,000 students, administers Internet Content Filter, Level 2 Helpdesk, process automation, Unified Messaging via the email servers and Cisco IP phones.

Salary Range: Mid 30's. -- benefits include three weeks of vacation time in addition to two weeks off for Christmas, a week off for Spring Break, three days at Thanksgiving, and many other misc. days during the year. Not to mention only having to work a 7 1/2 hour day.

Hardware used: High end Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell Precision Workstations. Primary financial and student information systems are Hewlett Packard M and N class servers.

Network Setup: All network hardware is Cisco. The Technology center runs on a Windows 2000 domain. We have a legacy Novell network in place, but the decision has been made to not renew support on it as of Spring 2003. So Novell is on its way out.

2200 Montgomry Park Blvd #405
Conroe, TX 77304
Home: (936)441-7931
Work: (936)709-7626