Computer Science Alumni

Bronius Motekaitis

Current Employer: Quick Internet Software Solutions (
Title: Programmer
Graduation Date: 2000
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bronius' 2yr old company basically stores insurance companies' data and writes procedures for them to be able to access it anywhere anytime. During his first week he was learning to use XML, XSL, ASP, SQL and Javascript to make really dull but informative web pages. All of their data is in SQL Server 7, and the clientele have to have IE 5.0.

His company consists of Bronius' boss, himself, and 4 other fella's. His company (QISS) is still under the support of SCIC (, which is a small organization in College Station that helps small software companies start off. They provide office-stuff and space, and they get a chunk of the companies when they get big enough and break off on their own.