Computer Science Alumni

Brian Martin

Current Employer: EDS -- TESC Houston
Title: Information Analyst
Graduation Date: 1997
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Currently, Brian is classified as an Information Analyst but his role is that of a programmer. He recently moved from the mainframe environment (supporting CoBOL jobs) to an internal database environment (using Access). His current salary rage is in the mid 40's.

EDS is the largest global consulting company with over 110,000 employees in several nations around the world. They support everything from print shops to major airlines and not all of it is in relation to the computer.

Under their recent re-org, they have divided into four main groups: E-Solutions, Information Solutions, Business Process Management, and the General Motors account.
His personal email address is

Brian Martin
EDS - TESC Houston
Phone# (713) 982-6424
Fax# (713) 982-6037